About Artist


Welcome to my website,

My name is Adam Wylezal
, I create and live in LONDON, UK
Contemporary art and photography is my passion.

When painting I use form and color, in this way creating emotions, feelings and positive mood.

I like the duality created between light and dark colors. In my works, there are horizontal and vertical lines and shapes that create the order and sometimes chaos.
I'am constantly trying to simplify my paintings, so as to reveal the essence of the topic. Still looking for a way to express my thoughts and feelings. Works convey my passion and pleasure to the colors. Thematically, I refer to a specific vision of what I see and experiences around me. Part of my works has already found its place, decorating houses in Poland and London, Barcelona, Oslo, Oldenburg, Hamburg, Moscow, New York and Dublin.
Some still waiting for their home.
I wish you many pleasant impressions while watching my paintings and encourage you to purchase.

I dream of my own gallery to present my artworks. 

By purchasing
my paintings you will receive a CERTYFIKATE OF AUTHENTICITY with a hollogramm.

is to prevent counterfeiting and also confirms that the picture was painted by me,
is original and unique. Buying the paintings is also an investment, so it is reasonable to have a certificate.

"Action is the foundational key to all success" Pablo Picasso

Yours sincerely, Adam