Exhibitions & Openings

Dear Sirs, 
I would like to thank you ALL for being at the recent OPENINGS:
Gdansk, Poland - 02.06.11 - click here. 
Sopot, Poland - 26.04.12 - click here,
again Gdansk, Poland 07.03.13- click here .

Welcome to the extraordinary world of art, where we will strive for harmony through color.
It's a world full of colors, moods and dreams, encourages positive emotions.
My paintings are the only and unique artwork, created with passion for colors and perfect harmony ...
Here are some of the openings I took part:

1997- „Weg zum Kali Gandaki” photo, Asian kulturess Zentrum, Berlin
1998- „Z kolorem przez świat” photo & paintings, Radisson Sas Hotel , Szczecin
1999- „Jesienne namiętności” paintings, Pomorski Bank Kredytowy, Szczecin
2000- „Niagara by night” photo, Radisson Sas Hotel, Copenhaga
2000- „Niagara by night” photo, Walton Hotel, Edinbrugh
2003- „To Harmony through the Colours” paintings, S.P.I.K.E, Londyn
2004 - "To Harmony through the Colours” paintings, Galeria de aves, Barcelona
2008 - „Outflow” paintings, Querk art Gallery, Londyn
2011 - "Do Harmonii poprzez kolor” paintings, Bank Pekao S.A, Gdańsk
2012 - "Wiosenne impresje", SANATORIUM, Sopot
2012 - "Spring Impressions"SOFITEL GRAND SOPOT, Powstańców Warszawy 12/14 st, Sopot
2012 - "To Harmony through the Colours" SOFITEL GRAND SOPOT, Powstańców Warszawy 12/14 st, Sopot
2013 - "ULTRASTRUCTURES", Green Gallery, Gdańsk
2014 - "Abstractions", Prospekt Art Gallery, London, UK
If you like my works - I encourage you to purchase, click here .

Sincerely yours, Adam